Home Owners Insurance

Look around at the various homes, and you will quickly see no two homes are exactly alike!  Buying a home owner’s insurance policy without a plan and professional advice can mean the difference between buying coverage for what you need versus what you get.  Your home owner’s insurance policy should reflect your unique situation, including things like contents, out buildings, and other protections such as flood and earthquake considerations.  Give Queathem Insurance LLC a call at (573) 564-3896 or head on over to our contact page and provide us some basic information so we can contact you

Our homes are probably the biggest investment most Americans will ever make. Home owner’s insurance is there to help us manage the risk of fire, burglary, or other natural disaster. As an independent insurance agent, Queathem Insurance LLC is uniquely positioned to objectively measure your insurance needs, assess your current situation, evaluate the best home owner products given your situation, and ultimately manage your risk. Call us today and let us help you determine if you have the right insurance for your needs.

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